What is the most popular social media in China?

China is the second largest economy that’s come after USA. Over the time China is developed as a hub of the marketing industry. China is one […]

What are effective ways to become a successful HR manager?

Being an HR manager is a very difficult task in implementing policies and procedures. They are often targeted for being diplomatic with both management and employees. […]

What is the future scope of the Digital Marketing Industry

Before we proceed with scope of digital marketing let us firstly understand this industry. Digital Marketing is a process where we use Digital platforms like emails, […]

What is better between doing a job or doing a family business?

In today’s world, there is nothing called right or wrong. It’s only perception matters. Perception makes a difference. Maybe I like the idea of working rather […]

How to use Douyin short video (or TikTok) to engage Chinese customers

As the Chinese market is taking all over the world, more and more Western countries are looking forward to investing in the Chinese marketplace. With the growth […]

WeChat – why China’s largest social media network is ripe for advertising

WeChat – A Social Chatting App which is also the most popular app in China, can prove to be an amazing opportunity to Businesses for advertising […]

How to create a Baidu SEO strategy for increasing ranking, organic traffic, and sales

The Chinese market has always been the largest and ever-trending market for all the Businesses out there. With China being the most populated country, the possibilities […]

How Brand Balance is Bringing Digital Marketing Options to Smaller Cities

In a country where students are pushed to opt for engineering, medical and management by their parents, Aanchal Gupta faced the same and chose to opt […]

Managing Your Marketing Risks for Greater Returns

It is certain that there is not a single business without any risk. Marketing is a crucial thing for any business. And marketing on a certain […]

Leaning in to SEO as Google Shifts to search engine from portal

In the recent days, Google’s SERP is has become quite unrecognizable when compared to what it looked like just a couple of years ago. The modifications […]

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