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A Digital Consultant is one of the best and experienced Digital marketing professionals, we offers an array of services to our clients. We are army of a trained professional who has expertise in their respective domain and has worked for various big brands. He offers services like Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Branding services, Digital solutions etc.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) consultancy


Digital Consultant is one of the leading Social Media marketing companies in Mumbai offering consultancy to their customers for their brands and businesses. This comprises ofmanaging and creating your social media occurrence, creating copies for different podiums, implementing and formulatinga systematic plan for your brand’s online advancement, establishing contacts with potential clients and showcasing your products and amenities in a manner which fascinates them to do business with you, running and partaking in different campaigns that help in the enhancementof your brand in the market etc. With every fleeting day Social Media is creeping it’s way to become one of the most vital and important tool in Brand Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Currently only having a Website doesn’t help the firm to market their business. The companies should be on their toes to have a straightdiscussion with the client by the way of tolerating their feedback, giving answers to their questions etc. which will benefit them to give an advantage above the others. Social Media Marketing Services in Mumbai from ADC is extremely vital for any company if they want to be in the race of leading the industry. This is conceivable only if you have a good content and best creativity with marketing policy.

A Digital Consultant also helps to assert your sales by providing real time support to the customers. This is the main reason why Social Media Marketing strategy should be in residence for the business and we help you to create the best strategy for your business and implement it. We bring forth the most creative and innovative ideas and make certain that the brand awareness of your business cultivates and meets the customer’s expectation. We are one of the Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Mumbai. We provide Social Media Marketing Services to our client which is the most significant part of SEO and also the necessity in this competitive world. Even google considers Social media to measure the relativeness and usefulness of the site. If a business is not dynamic on Social Media and incapableof generating traffic through it can make it anold-fashioned business. Google considers such websites with no authority and practicality and will push you in one of the corners of Google search ranking.

When it comes to Brand Building and Social Media Marketing, we are a well-known brand in the industry. We are gratified to serve our clients with the latest expansions and most creative campaign in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. According to the business and the client’s objectives we decide the stage and the target audience and make the strategy accordingly. This in turn helps them to generate better traffic, best Brandingand best customer relationship management. One of the unique feature which distinguishes us is that we deliver the real time analysis of your Social Media presence and also make the necessary variations in the strategy accordingly in order to bringforth the best possible ROI. As your consultant, we will essentially be the eyes, ears, and voice of your firm online. This implies that you need somebody who can advance your brand awareness, deliver traffic to your website, and enhance your bottom line, all while keeping your company's status top-of-mind. We guarantee that your website receives the essential traffic and the required attention to aid you to stay ahead in the game. Facebook can be used to transport your messages in extended posts with videos and pictures, Twitter can be used to write compact messages or put out news about your company, LinkedIn can be used to link with different companies and individuals that you can do business with. As Digital Consultants, we offers an end-to-end resolution for all the social media marketing requirements to all our clients.

Social media connects you to exact target audience in easiest ways and with less investment. Here are some profitsof selecting social media marketing with us:

  • We help in generating brand awareness.
  • Weshape brand reputation in industry.
  • We help in creating traffic on your website via different social media activitiesand campaigns.
  • We help in improving and delivering customer interactions with clients directly and can dodgeundesirable feedback instantly through online presence
  • You can directly connect to target audience with the help of social media platforms with the help of advance filter options.
  • You can also manage your product online with the assistance of social media platforms.

We labour with ambitious start-ups as well as multi-national companies across USA,India, Middle East and UK. Our motto is to change, grow and thrive with the upcoming competitions. We aim to leave behind the mediocracy and embrace the madness, not only to make things happen, but to make them memorable.

We assist you in the following ways:

  • DESIGN: Design that will help your company break the clutter.
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT: After a good understanding of your brand and it’s aims and requirements, we will curate content precisely to attract your TG and keep them involved.
  • CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: We assist you in keeping your followers affianced and build relationships so that your brand can earn loyalty and brand cognizance.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: Social media, like each other publicizing medium has to be well planned and strategic. We’re generals when it comes to social media tactics.

We brew ideas that link brands with the people who matter most to them. We make sure that we never run out of fresh ideas to take your brand to whole new levels. We have a team of creative young souls who are extremely passionate about their work, and fuelled by the terror of coming up with something typical. We revolutionize to brew beyond the commonplace and have the nerve to execute these ground-breaking ideas. We create appealing content, use the consumer’s perceptions to connect with your customers, shape your brand & drive commerce.

Ideas stimulate us, they silhouette the future, add value and indicate change. Through fresh notions, we blend together gorgeous designs, functional digital strategies and engaging experiences.

Social media connects you to right target audience in easiest and with less investment. Here are some benefits for selecting social media marketing:

  • Social Media helps in creating brand awareness.
  • Social Media build brand reputation in industry.
  • Social Media is cost effective as compared to other form of marketing.
  • Social Media helps in generating traffic on your website through different social media campaigns and activities.
  • Social Media helps in delivering and improving customer interaction with clients directly and can avoid negative feedback instantly through online presence.
  • You can directly connect to target audience with the help of social media platforms with the help of advance filter options.
  • You can also manage your brand online with the help of social media platforms.


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